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Ceiling fans Replacement Services in Venice FL
Reliable Ceiling Fans Replacement Services in Venice
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Reliable Ceiling Fans Replacement Services in Venice

Do you have an old ceiling fan that hasn’t been changed for many years? Ceiling fans are an important component of every home, and we use them for years without any maintenance. Experts suggest upgrading your ceiling fans with the new ones to save electricity. We are offering ceiling fan replacement services in Venice, to help you make your home energy efficient. Our professionals always arrive at your place on scheduled time to ensure the on-time service and have the proper equipment for ceiling fan replacement services in Venice. We are highly focused on your safety, so we always double-check the wiring insulation and complete every job with 100% satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain honest with our customers and loyal to our services, as we did in our past 20 years of experience, to maintain our integrity throughout our business journey.

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We are passionate about making this world a better place and saving energy for the upcoming generation by playing our part in energy-saving and spreading awareness about it.

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Have you damaged your drywall while moving the furniture? Don’t worry! We have the best professionals who can repair drywall damages and can save the day.
Whether your lights are flickering, getting dim, or consuming a lot more electricity than expected, we can help you resolve your problems by providing you with reliable lighting and LED maintanance services.
Are your ceiling fans too old and consuming a lot of energy? We can replace your fans with new energy-efficient fans by offering the best ceiling fans replacement services in Venice, FL, to save your money.
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Fans with new technology can save you up to 60% of your billing expense. Many facilities and homeowners understand that billing cost is much higher than the fans themselves, so it’s a wise choice to replace old fans with a new one.
Ceiling fans need some room over them for proper functioning, so it is recommended to leave at least one-foot space between the ceiling fan and the ceiling.
Turn off the power supply, use electricity safety gloves and clear the space under the fan before replacing It
Ceiling fans, like other machinery, need oiling for smooth functioning. In contrast, some fans do not need lubrication, so it’s better to check the type of ceiling fan you have before oiling.
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Energy loss is a crucial problem nowadays, and we know the intensity of this problem; that’s why we do our best to make your homes and offices energy-efficient by providing you with reliable ceiling fan replacement services in Venice, FL.

20 Years’ Experience

Handyman Ops is a trusted company offering reliable services for more than 20 years, and that’s why we have always retained every customer. Our extensive experience has enabled us to master our services and provide you with the top-notch repairing and best ceiling fan replacement services in Venice, FL.
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Handyman Ops is a veteran-owned company that has been serving its customers by completing different small and big tasks for them.
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